Hi, I'm Colin!

I specialize in Digital Marketing, and I am currently working at the Washington Post as a Digital Advertising Operations Coordinator.

In my current role at the Washington Post, I ensure that client advertising campaigns are properly implemented in our Ad Server (Google Ad Manager) and that all relevant targeting (inventory, geo, flights, budget, etc.) is properly applied. This includes performing QA of all campaign materials prior to launch to ensure proper functionality of ad campaign creative elements and compliance with ad policies and publication specifications.

My specialties include creating engaging & dynamic advertising content, developing creative marketing strategies, and A/B testing using insights from analytics performance reports. I also specialize in client service management and building strong and trusting relationships with all stakeholders. My colleagues would describe me as a resourceful and creative individual who is able to quickly adapt and learn the skills necessary to devise solutions to effectively business challenges.

Below are my related skills, and some projects highlighting my experience. Looking forward to connecting with you to identify how my skills can suit your business' needs!




On-Page SEO




Bootstrap 4


Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Google Ads, Ad Manager

Google Search Console

Google Business

Email Marketing (MailChimp, SendGrid)

Other (& Hobbies)

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator


Rock Climbing



Flag Football

Professional Experience

Washington Post

Digital Advertising Operations Coordinator
December 2022 – Current
  • Ensuring that all digital advertising campaigns are properly scheduled in our Ad Server (Google Ad Manager) and that all relevant targeting is properly applied.

  • Quickly learning and understanding all aspects of our ad specs, creative templates, and ad tags to ensure proper functionality of ad campaign creative elements.

  • Performing QA of all campaign materials prior to launch, including display and video content and 3rd party ad tags and pixels. Maintaining a <2% error rate.

  • Ensuring all advertising creative is in compliance with ad policies and publication specifications.

  • Establishing and maintaining strong relationships within the Account Management organizations.


Digital Marketing Specialist
July 2022 – December 2023
  • Leading client engagement, campaign strategy, development, and execution, and reporting for 4 clients across the performing arts, exhibition, and cultural institution industries.

  • Tracking campaign budgets, timelines, platform performance, & ROI - managing $100K+ monthly campaign budget across all clients.

  • A/B Testing optimizations to maximize client returns (leads, sales, brand awareness, email sign-ups, etc.).

  • Creating campaign-specific dashboards for clients to monitor live campaign performance.

  • Leading client weekly/biweekly calls to review dashboards & share campaign updates/optimizations (audience targeting, budget shifts, platform allocations, copy/creative refresh, etc.

Tecore Networks

Digital Marketing Specialist
July 2019 – July 2022
  • Led development and optimization of Tecore’s website homepage. Within 3 months, increased sitewide average session duration by 52% (2:08 to 3:14) and monthly website conversions by 13% (32 to 36) compared to the previous 3 months.

  • Integrating Google Tag Manager into website for improved visibility of user engagement including: page scroll tracking, PDF downloads (micro goal), navigation to product inquiry page (macro goal).

  • Managing all on-page SEO including page meta descriptions, image alt text, header tags, content keywords, sitemap, mobile responsiveness, and site speed.

  • Preparing & presenting internal monthly analytics reports to generate insight into website traffic and marketing channels, strategizing opportunities for improving page and channel KPI’s (high exit %, low conversion rates, high bounce rate, time on page).

  • Identifying telecommunications market trends to develop web pages and content in WordPress to drive organic website traffic.

Phantasy Tour

Advertising Operations Intern
January 2019 – July 2019
  • Worked with advertisers to execute marketing campaigns (display, email, social media, sweepstakes) for 4 clients on a website with 10 million total monthly impressions.

  • Identified specific needs of clients and strategized ideas to ensure successful campaigns that meet their KPI’s.

  • Communicated with clients throughout entire campaign process, with weekly/monthly performance reports.

  • Project management tracking to ensure full delivery of client campaigns across all channels.

  • Helped craft and design marketing creatives for clients using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as needed.

  • Created 2 WordPress landing pages and implemented basic On-Page SEO practices (Phantasy Tour Contests, and Phantasy Tour Trading Cards).


Website Design

At Tecore Networks, I was responsible for the redesign and development of our website in WordPress. I use a combination of a website page builder (WPBakery) and custom HTML/CSS/JS snippets to achieve our team's design goals. Our goal is a website that more effectively communicates our purpose, is mobile friendly, and is intuitive to navigate. Slide 1 and Slide 2 show the previous home page (full size image) and the redesigned one (currently live as of March 12, 2020). The redesign to the home page was by far the most drastic redesign as it was a complete overhaul, and in Slide 3 you can see the positive changes in performance in most key metrics after the first three months.

Slide 4 is an example of using analytics to identify that mobile performance did not match desktop performance, and how I redesigned page elements and structure to be more mobile responsive for a better user experience.

  • In the first three months, changes to increased sitewide mobile avg. time on page by 37% (1:23 to 1:54 min), closer in line to desktop performance in the same period (1:59 min).

At Phantasy Tour, I was responsible for creating marketing landing pages for Phantasy Tour Trading Cards and Phantasy Tour Contests, both built in WordPress with Elementor.

Google Tag Manager

At Tecore Networks, my goal was to improve the visibility of user interaction on the website, above the basic functionality that Google Analytics offered. Using Google Tag Manager integrated with Google Analytics, I have created tags and triggers such as:

  • Page Scroll Tracking (50%, 90%) - to identify which pages visitors are engaging with all of the content, and which don't have the information they are looking for

  • Datasheet PDF downloads (Micro Goal) - to identify which products specifications visitors are interested in

  • Clicks to Product Inquiry page (Macro Goal) - to identify which page potential leads are coming from

  • Home Page Widget interaction - to identify which products visitors were most interested in getting more info on, on the front page

  • Notification Bar interaction - to identify which pop-up notifications users were more likely to click on (newsletter, upcoming events, press releases)

Google Analytics

At Tecore I curate and present internal monthly analytics reports using resources such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, PageSpeed Insights to generate insights into website traffic and marketing channel performance to identify and strategize opportunities for improvement. This is based on key metrics such as: number of users, bounce rates, pages/session, session duration, channel traffic acquisition, performance within channels, and mobile vs. desktop performance. Specific attention is paid to comparing current data to previous periods. Slide 1 is an example of an Behavior Analysis annual report that compared 2019 to 2018, and Slide 2 is an example of a biweekly traffic acquisition report that had a focus on bounce rate.

Slide 3 is an example of a content efficiency analysis in a biweekly report, looking at Tecore's most visited pages and identifying poor performers, with a suggested plan of action for each.

Through these analyses, I strategize and implement: new page elements, more visuals, add/remove content and more, in an attempt to refine performance. These changes are tracked, and each period are reviewed for changes in performance.

On-Page SEO

When creating content for Tecore's website, I manage optimization of on-page SEO (page meta descriptions, image alt text, header tags, content keywords, page speeds), and Tecore's presence in organic Google searches. I maintain tailored meta descriptions for high level products/solutions in Yoast, and index new/modified/archived pages using Google Search Console. Slide 1 and Slide 2 are examples of how I was able to improve organic search results for the query "Tecore Networks".

By consistently monitoring search results for our most common Google keyword searches and indexing our site, I have been successful in improving our online brand presence by removing poor quality Google search results for Tecore Networks and keeping top results relevant (Slide 3).

At Tecore I also monitor and investigate telecom trends and market opportunities, and develop pages with meaningful content and visuals to drive traffic to our website. Current popular queries (with pages under development) are: 5G, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Private LTE & CBRS, and the internet of things (IOT).

Bonus Project:


Towson University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing Concentration
Jan 2017 – Dec 2019


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